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Rift Prefixes and Titles: Prefix Title list

Below is an excerpt from Rift.Zam.Com

Where to find your Titles
Press C to get to your Character screen, then press the tab for "Titles". You can then choose from your current list of titles. Choose one and then click "use title".
Special/Unobtainable Titles
These titles are gained through interesting and diverse means, not necessarily connected to game play.
Title  Source  
the IroncladArrives in your mailbox if you add an Authenticator to your account.
the Soul SurvivorGrim Hero was only available during theRiver of Souls. It is no longer available.
the DiscordantEmote /bow or /kneel to Alsbeth in River of Souls to complete The Discordantachievement.
the RisenAvailable for a limited time when purchasing Rift directly from Trion.
Sir or DameAvailable upon opening a Letter from Cyril.
Achievement Titles
These titles are gained when you complete a specific achievement.
Defiant Only Achievements
Title  Source  
Champion of FreemarchChampion of Freemarch
ColossalColossal Victory
Granite Falls CitizenGranite Falls Citizen
HarbringerCulling the Immortal Army
March WardenFreemarch Conqueror
of MeridianAll Things Defiant
Prey StalkerRed Scar Stalker
The Giant KillerGiant Slayer
the GladiatorChampion of the Droughtlands
the WardenFreemarch Warden
The Warden's HandMarch Savior
Titan FoeStonefield Savior
Unseen AgentAgent of the Unseen
Guardian Only Achievements
Title  Source  
, Champion of SilverwoodChampion of Silverwood
ColossalColossal Victory
Friend of ScottyFrom Outcast to Hero
High ConstableHigh Constable
Honorary WaykeeperHonorary Waykeeper
Hunter of KainIron Claw Hunter
of SanctumMeditating in Sanctum
Student Hazing CommitteeBookworm †
Tavril's ChampionSilverwood Campaigner
The Light BringerLight the Way
The Sterling SavantPolished Silver
WolfbaneThe Glory of Gloamwood
Neutral Achievements
Title  Source  
Goblin BaneConqueror: Darkening Deeps
Lord of the Fae CourtConqueror: Realm of the Fae
Tomb RaiderConqueror: Iron Tomb
TitanbaneConqueror: Deepstrike Mines
Gaucho of the GorgeGlory of the Gorge
Merchant of DeathMerchant of Death
The SandwalkerWalking on the Sun
the VolcanicFlamebound Achiever
WastelordRuler of Scarwood
the ShroomerMushroom Soup
the ShadebringerShadebound Achiever
The MoonshadowMoon Shadow
Telara's DefenderNightmare of the Cultists
Storm ChaserFrozen to the Core
Knight of MathosKnight of Mathos
Hand of the ArcaneArcane Devotee
Truth SeekerAchievement: Impossible!
Treasure HunterA Classic Treasure
the TrailblazerEvery Nook and Cranny
The Scarlet KnightCrimson Gladiator
the Rift WalkerTelaran Defender
the ReclaimerRuneguard Reclaimer
the MountainStonebound Achiever
the LuckyLiving on the Edge
the HeartlessCry me a River
the GlorifiedBest Friends Forever
Desert LordWindswept
Base JumperSo Much Fun, I Did it Twice
The Desert SunDesert Daisies
Explorer of the DepthsSeeking Solace
Bounty HunterBountiful
Vampire HunterJust Call Me Van Helsing
the TsunamiTidebound Achiever
the ShadyShield Wall
the SeekerApprentice Antiquarian
The Scarwood HunterReach for the Scars
the Red HandedRed Handed
the PrimalFaebound Achiever
The Iron WilledIron Snowman
the HurricaneStormbound Achiever
the ExterminatorUltimate Hunter
the DrifterDroughtlands Triumphant
The Colossus CrusherDeath Becomes Them
Dances With SquirrelsDancing With Squirrels
the VigilantIce Watcher
the UndertakerGraveyard Shift
the MountaineerCairn Do
Endless AnnihilatorIt's Finally Still
Zoo KeeperZoo Keeper
the Puzzle MasterSolution Finder
the MagpieMaster Antiquarian
the Light in the DarkScarwood by Torchlight
the HumorlessKnock Them Off Their Perch
the HighlanderMoonshaded
the ExecutionerExecutioner
the EngineerGo With The Flow
the DaredevilPlop!
the CompulsiveExpert Antiquarian
the BattyHerding Bats
the AntiquarianJourneyman Antiquarian
Sheriff of Rock RidgeLawman
High DiverHigh Diver
Drake SlayerDrake Slayer
Boulder BusterKicking Rocks
Barrel RiderA Barrel of Laughs
the Pit FighterPit Fighter
the Hare BrainedTracks in the Snow
Stable MasterStable Master
Profession Titles
These are titles gained when you reach a new level in a profession. They do not disappear from your title list if you unlearn a skill
Title  Source  
Novice ButcherNovice skill in Butchery
Novice ForagerNovice skill in Foraging
Novice MinerNovice skill in Mining
Novice ApothecaryNovice skill in Apothecary
Novice ArmorsmithNovice skill in Armorsmithing
Novice ArtificerNovice skill in Artificing
Novice OutfitterNovice skill in Outfitting
Novice RunecrafterNovice skill in Runecrafting
Novice WeaponsmithNovice skill in Weaponsmithing
Skilled ButcherSkilled skill in Butchery
Skilled ForagerSkilled skill in Foraging
Skilled MinerSkilled skill in Mining
Skilled ApothecarySkilled skill in Apothecary
Skilled ArmorsmithSkilled skill in Armorsmithing
Skilled ArtificerSkilled skill in Artificing
Skilled OutfitterSkilled skill in Outfitting
Skilled RunecrafterSkilled skill in Runecrafting
Skilled WeaponsmithSkilled skill in Weaponsmithing
Expert ButcherExpert skill in Butchery
Expert ForagerExpert skill in Foraging
Expert MinerExpert skill in Mining
Expert ApothecaryExpert skill in Apothecary
Expert ArmorsmithExpert skill in Armorsmithing
Expert ArtificerExpert skill in Artificing
Expert OutfitterExpert skill in Outfitting
Expert RunecrafterExpert skill in Runecrafting
Expert WeaponsmithExpert skill in Weaponsmithing
Master ButcherMaster skill in Butchery
Master ForagerMaster skill in Foraging
Master MinerMaster skill in Mining
Master ApothecaryMaster skill in Apothecary
Master ArmorsmithMaster skill in Armorsmithing
Master ArtificerMaster skill in Artificing
Master OutfitterMaster skill in Outfitting
Master RunecrafterMaster skill in Runecrafting
Master WeaponsmithMaster skill in Weaponsmithing
† Indicates that verification has been requested of the title-Achievement relationship.


A pretty well organized list I'd say. Dirk used the Grim prefix and the the Shady title. Grim Dirk the Shady :)

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